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New Name, Who Dis?

You may have noticed that M.C. Starkey’s website and Facebook have gone through a bit of a make-over recently. That’s because WE HAVE RE-BRANDED! We are now SoCal Vocal Experience.

But why, Starkeys, have you changed your name? MC Starkey was so catchy… MC Starkey is what is saved in my phone and I don’t want to change it… Can I still have fries with that?

Yes. Fries go with everything. I ate nothing but fries (or various fried potatoes) after the Chicago Marathon in 2017 and it enhanced my experience 300%. But I digress...

Steff before running and eating every fried potato in Chicago.

The name change is because our company is evolving. We are growing into much more than an excited voice on a microphone at 6:30am on a Sunday at various endurance events. Endurance events are the main reason we get out of bed every day, but we are finding new ways to better serve our community. We sat down and talked about where we wanted to go with our company and it came down to one main theme: Moving People Forward.

Did you know that, in addition to being a stellar race announcer, Matthew is also a talented voice over artist, an accomplished singing vocalist, and presentation coach? Did you know that Steffy is a graphic designer and very active in the fitness community in San Diego?

The Man with the Golden Pipes

We put our heads together to figure out how to merge our talents and passions to better serve the community. What SoCal Vocal Experience offers isn’t just a voice at your event. We are committed to helping create a memorable experience and lasting impression for your participants, audience, or yourself in your own journey of personal growth.

What new services are launching soon? On top of bringing the excitement to the start and finish-line of athletic endurance events, we offer live singing of the National Anthem, Master of Ceremony services for any and all event types, recorded voice-over acting, public speaking coaching and presentation design, intro to running (think “couch to 5k”) coaching, strength training for runners, and injury prevention clinics for athletes. We are also in the process of cultivating a FREE outdoors group for running, hiking, and various activities in the San Diego and surrounding areas.

Who needs shopping when you have NATURE!

Look forward to more announcements as the new services are rolled out and WE look forward to seeing you getting out and being active!

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