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Some of you shop at REI and I bet most of you get their marketing emails! Last year REI closed it's doors on Black Friday, gave their employees the day off, and encouraged everyone to skip shopping, to opt outside and take advantage of the wonderful parks and outdoor activities near them. In the spirit of this inspiring movement of opting outside, Team Starkey is organizing a fun group hike, crawl or run!

All fitness levels welcome! Some people will want to run, and some will want to walk. Some want to do the local San Diego trail, El Capitan, or the longer version, El Cajon, or some want a healthy mix of everything. The great part about an out and back hike is you get to choose how much or how little you do. There is no right or wrong as long as you Get Out, and Be Active!

Everyone is welcome to join! Bring your friends, family, dogs, WHOEVER! We will meet at the head of the trail by the bathrooms at 7:30am which is a .5 mile from the parking lot. Let us know you're going HERE!

El Cajon Mountain Trail is a 10.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Lakeside, CA that features a river. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

Team Starkey hopes to see you out there! Get Out. Be Active.

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