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National Chocolate Day!

We all have our weaknesses and I bet MOST of you will say chocolate is one of them. Well... Have no fear!!!! Chocolate can actually be good for you!


Did you know chocolate milk is considered a recovery drink after a long run? Well it is. Check this out from an October, 2013 article from Runner's World Magazine: "It’s a fluid, so it rehydrates. The carbohydrates in chocolate help replete glycogen and stored carbs (chocolate milk is better than regular milk because of the added ingredients). And the protein helps rebuild and recover muscles after exercise. In other words, chocolate milk works very well, and it’s an easy option."

So... don't hesitate to chug that delicious drink after your next long run!

Also DARK chocolate. You might have heard this before, or not, but dark chocolate can actually be beneficial to your health! What the what!? THAT'S RIGHT!

Dark chocolate is actually very nutritious loaded with soluble fiber and plenty of minerals that your body craves. Dark chocolate is also loaded with natural antioxidants and can also lower blood pressure. However, everything in moderation. You don't want to consume too much of this amazingness because it also contains loads of calories and a lot of sugar!

So... on this National Chocolate Day or after your next run, do your body and sweet tooth a favor and grab some CHOCOLATE!

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