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International Women's Day/Athletic Events/Non-Profits

First of all... Happy International Women's Day!!!

Today is the day to celebrate, not only, ALL women and their accomplishments foreign and abroad, but also, let's recognize the women that work incredibly hard every day to put on amazing Half-Marathons, Marathons, Triathlons, 5ks, and so on and so on, and those women that work from their heart with numerous non-profits across the world. Without these hard working, driven women, we would not have most of the events and races that we all know and love.

I want to recognize some of them that work right here in San Diego putting on their incredible events! (Some I get to work with directly!):

Kathy Loper - owner of Kathy Loper Events: San Dieguito Half Marathon, St Patrick's Day 10k, etc...

Sarah Thornton - Special Events Director from Koz Events: SD International Triathlon, Silver Strand Half-Marathon, etc...

All the ladies from In Motion Events: La Jolla Half Marathon, Carlsbad Marathon, Finish Chelsea's Run, etc...

LeeAnn Yarbor - owner of USA Endurance Events: Holiday Half Marathon, South Bay Turkey Trot, etc...

Tempe Legit - Race Director: Craft Classic Half-Marathon Series

Rachel Hiner - owner of Sandy Feet Events: Fast Times 5k, SD Resolution Run 15k, Temecula Half-Marathon, etc...

Lynda West - Founder of Alms Productions: Berry Best Chocolate Fest, Lemon Zest & Garlic Fest

These, again, are just a few. Without these hard working ladies we wouldn't have anything to train for. Register for one of their races today!

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