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Teacher Appreciation Week

Most teachers deserve WAY more than appreciation and WAY more than a week to give it. You could argue that you are who you are today because of 1) your parents, and 2) the influential teachers you had growing up. They helped mold your mind and taught you acceptance. Taught you how to type, speak, write, play music, understand society, and so on and so on.

Teachers can also come in many forms. A coach, a pastor, a friend's parent, a colleague, a friend, and of course the people that study, and then student teach, and through years of learning and training become the teacher you had in math, history, art, science, and so much more.

I MORE than appreciate the teachers I have had throughout my life. They encouraged me to strive to learn something new everyday. I am continuously seeking out who can teach me something new, as we all should do.

I encourage everyone to continue to learn and grow, not just information to expand your knowledge, but acceptance of individuals in your neighborhood, city, state, country, and world! Through knowledge and acceptance of others you become a much more wise and happy person.


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